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Are you ready to start thriving instead of just surviving?


Do you have health problems, and no matter what you do, they have never gone away? 


Most likely the doctors you have seen have been treating your diagnosis but not you. Two people with the same diagnosis can find that one is helped by the common treatment while the other is made worse. It all has to do with our biochemical individuality. The level of our health affects the quality of our lives on every level. 



Our Approach


Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart and can address just about any health issue you or your loved ones may suffer from. She is not treating your diagnosis but treating you.  We are each metabolically unique, bio-chemically individual.  Meridians work has been focused on this awareness and how to treat your unique biochemical needs.  She knows how to add health by encouraging balance and supporting the true healer within...this is your body.  She understands that your body, mind, spirit and emotions hold the answers to your radiant health. Like the tree of life we need a healthy soil to nourish us, clean water and fresh air. We are designed to live in harmony with all of nature and her  rhythms. When we do this health is the result.  When we don't, disease shows up to act as a guiding light to show us where we need to bring our focus.  Meridian has at her disposal an in-house international nutritional and homeopathic pharmacy, in house energetic and physiologic biochemical testing as well as live cell microscopy, numerous energetic, neuro feedback and detoxification treatments. Her more than 40 years of non stop passionate exploration and education into nutrition, life style,  spiritual, mental, emotional, empiric, and physiological healing methods is at your disposal.   


"My Doctor told me I have..."

Our ever-growing Media Library:

These are terms that doctor's often use to describe what they think is happening. These labels sentence us so we don't use them, but we're providing it here as a resource to you.


Autism | ADD | ADHD | Alzheimer's | blood | candida | cancer | Coeliac | depression | DNA | endocrine | environmental | eye disorders | food allergies | gluten | heavy metals | holistic | Gastritis | genetic | germs | Grave's disease, infectious | intestinal | liver | lungs | lupus | lymph nodes | meditations | naturopath (naturopathy, naturopathic) |organs | pathogens | pollution | skin | stomach | stroke prevention | thyroid | toxicity | viruses | vitamins & minerals | worms

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