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Achieving Weight Loss


America is suffering a health crisis; we are nutritionally bankrupt, and we are living in a virtual fish bowl of toxins. We have depleted the mineral base of our farms’ soil. There is an average of 72 pesticides and insecticides on all of our fruits and vegetables. Yearly, billions of tons of toxic materials are being dumped into our environment.


In 1935 only 20% of the population was overweight. As the toxic load becomes greater, the percentage of overweight and obese people increases. Every year in America, 2 million people become dangerously overweight or obese. Currently 81% of Americans are overweight, and 31% meet the criteria for obesity. 18 million children are obese. 


Medical studies conclude that obeity can cause type 2 diabetes at a young age, cardio-vascular diseases, early strokes, and early cancer. Over 60 diseases and illnesses have been linked to obesity, most of which are potentially deadly.


Research is now indicating that when our bodies are bombarded with chemicals and toxins they naturally manufacture fat, encapsulate it and attract fluid as a protective mechanism. This helps to prevent immunity  breakdown, especially prevalent when the liver and kidneys are over-loaded.


It has now been proven that certain forms of detoxifying will cause the fat to fall off as the toxins leave. Many, including myself, have complained about how impossible it seems to lose weight, especially after age 40. 


There are now specialized programs to lose toxins and weight. Why is this, you might ask? It is because your own body is the healer. But it needs to be taken care of properly.


What are you doing to cleanse and maintain your body internally? If you are not addressing cleansing, you may look good on the outside while the inside may be another matter. You change the oil filters on your car but what are you doing to filter toxins from your body? 


Do you think your organs can continue working, free from disease, illness, emotional problems, aches, pains and brain problems without cleansing yourself? What would happen to your car without that oil change? Even if you are at your ideal weight, you still need to cleanse. We all do.


Meridian Grace, ND has over 40 years experience in compassionate healthcare. Let her show you how to enter into the next level of health with the body you want.


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