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* Listen to you and provide comprehensive evaluation of your complete medical history, lifestyle, emotional stress, diet, and identification of contributing factors. 


* Identify your health concern(s) using specialized testing including recall healing, darkfield microscopy, blood cell testing, homeopathic evaluation, iridology, Nutri-Spec bio-chemical analysis, and Quantum Research Analysis (QRA Testing). 


* Create customized homeopathic remedies and evaluate you for cellular detoxification. 


* Offer lifestyle counseling for recovery and prevention. 


* Recommend nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic preparations, etc. for improving your quality of life and reducing or replacing prescriptions and their side effects. 


* Organize a detoxification plan to support healthy organ function and purify your body. 


* Expand your understanding of blood tests previously done by your MD. Our test values are designed to read your tests based on optimal health, not just pathology.


We do more specific assessments via:


1. Blood Test Analysis Using Clinician’s View, using a program only available to health care practitioners and physicians, we analyze your blood tests with values that look for prevention and health. The traditional medical model values are looking for pathology only, but this information can identify nutrients that can assist in optimal health.

2.  Dry Blood and live cell microscopy. The dry blood helps us to discern the three primary health issues in the body. It is an advanced testing procedure to view your blood cells, any fungus in your blood, parasites, and observe the results of your treatment plan.

3. Homeopathic Evaluation This is a very in-depth process of assessing information about your entire life including your health history, likes and dislikes, fears, familial health problems etc.

4. Iridology Enlarged pictures of your iris illustrates a map of the organs to reveal health challenges, and by inspecting for healing lines, we can see if treatments are effective or not.

5. Nutri-Spec Bio-Chemical Analysis This testing procedure takes 30 minutes and covers over 40 non-invasive tests. It shows systemic imbalances of the autonomic nervous system, electrolytes, pH, oxidative processes, and prostaglandins.
Dietary and supplement suggestions are unique for any of your above imbalances.

6. Quantum Research Analysis Specialized O-ring kinesiology tests the strength of your energy field in regards to specific organs derived from acupuncture points.


7. Regulation Thermometry  This test is used to determine the overall health of our bodies.  It examines our autonomic immune system to see if each of our body's organs are functioning properly.  It has been proven to be very useful in detecting early stages of breast cancer, as opposed to being exposed to the harshness of mammograms.  



Brief explanation of our most common treatments:

Gut and psychology syndrome

ADD and ADHD Programs

Advanced Immune Modulator

Allergy Programs (analysis of food allergies and oxidative stress)


Anthroposophical medicine


Bio-chemically Individualized Dietary Programs

Bio-Therapeutic drainage

Candida treatment

Chinese medicine

Clinical Blood Test Analysis

Color therapy

Conscious communication techniques

Constellation work

Darkfield Microscopy

Depression and Anxiety Programs

Detoxification Programs

Dried blood analysis,

Drainage Detox (Bio-therapeutic)

Energy Work (Jaffe Institute)

Emwave Heart Math Monitor

Gaps Diet

Geriatric Treatment


Hands on body therapy,

Herbal cleanse

Holographic integration breathing

Homeopathy (LM, Constitutional, Classical, and Acute)

homeopathic drainage

Home Visits


Hormone Balancing for Men and Women




Lifestyle Counseling

Light therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder)


Meditation techniques

Metabolic Typing


Natural cooking techniques and recipes

Nutri-Spec Bio-Chemical Analysis

Nutrition for Body Builder and Athletes

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Organic gardening

Ozone therapy

Pediatric Treatment

Pre-Diabetis programs

Prenatal Treatment

Psycho-spiritual counseling

Public Speaking

Natural Medicine of Dr. Gueniot

Quantum Research Analysis

Recall healing

Regulation Thermometry

Sound therapy

Teaching Kitchen

Vastu Energetics

Weight-loss programs

White Blood Cell Testing (for reactivity to foods & other substances)

Wiley Method of bio-mimetic hormone replacement



More Services and Treatments

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