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"My doctor says I have..."


The standard model: the patient (victim) has symptoms, the doctor (rescuer) makes a diagnosis and prognosis, and with that you're assigned a noun like "diabetes" (persecutor). The doctor can prescribe a treatment, and it might stop the disease, but the deeper meaning isn't investigated. In fact, most scientists don't even recognize that there is a deeper meaning. This dynamic of sentencing you with a noun (a disease) isn't malicious, it's just assumed to be the only method that we have to restore wellness. But this approach casts the patient as the victim, and the disease as the the persecutor.

As we know from Karpman's triangle, the only position of power is the persecutor - thus the disease is on one side (with all the power) and you and the doctor are on the other side. We don't believe this framing is helpful, in fact since disease is called a noun (when it's actually a verb), it's a sentence. When you get that sentence then you are in disease jail. You turn in desperation to the doctor who claims to have the only key. If you step beyond that narrative, paradigm, and limited viewpoint - you become empowered to heal yourself. There are many ways to exit the victim's chair - there are as many ways as there are people. And that's where the art of this work comes in. Together we discover the most elegant, efficient, and effective approach for you. It could be gestalt chair practice (Karpman's Drama Triangle), hypnotherapy, homeopathy, diet, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and many more. It can even be something you bring to us and it makes your heart sing.

So how does this work? If your doctor says you have X... we explore why the body may have invited this dis-ease. We know that stress causes many diseases, we know that a lack of sleep results in mood and energy depletion - it's not a huge leap to see that if you're sick - there's a message (typically relating to how love is blocked). We help you discover the meaning behind the illness. Curing it is secondary, and yet flows from that deeper understanding. For example, if the primary focus is on killing the virus or eliminating the symptom, we haven't gotten to the core issue and the illness will likely return. Why? Because it is there to teach us something. If we haven't learned it, the body will try again.

If we want true wellness, this process must be deconstructed, and the meaning revealed. The meaning of a disease varies with each person's family history, and shadow issues. Thus the discovery phase must be done in person, or over Skype. But we want to share  this dynamic with a wide audience as most people never heard of it, and are suffering as a result. Spreading this insight is one of our chief motivations for starting the school for healing to train others. Fortuneately the causation relationship has been mapped and documented for many diseases. We can use this as a guide. As this site grows we'll begin to share our videos and audio podcasts to help you explore the meaning behind the dis-ease, and then together we can find a path back to wellness by identifying where love was blocked.

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