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Whole Body Thermometry



Regulation Thermometry is a challenge test on the body which looks at differences in temperature at the surface of the skin.  When we are in warm weather, our bodies do not need extra heat inside, so the heat in the body comes to the surface. The autonomic nervous system controls and directs all of the functions that we don’t consciously tell our body to do, such as digestion, produciung new cells and breaking down old ones and our heartbeat.   The autonomic nervous system has a very direct relationship with temperature. When our body is exposed to cold, heat on surface moves internally, into the body, to protect the more delicate organs form effects of cold, ultimately helping to preserve life.  The autonomic nervous system is all about survival. Our ability to respond appropriately to a temperature change of about 10 degrees is a great indicator of overall body health.


How does the test work?


The test starts off with the individual in a relatively warm room.  After they have been in the room for 1- minutes, we bring the temperature down to between 69-70 degrees. The body’s ability to go from being very warm to cool tells us about the body’s ability to respond to change.  The temperature is measured at 122 different points, each one telling us about a different function within the body. If you have 2 or 3 points that are not regulating properly, getting cold when supposed to, getting hotter when supposed to or staying same when needed, there is a potential problem with the particular tissue relating to that point.


How long has this been done?


This process has been done for 35 years in Europe. The information from the tests were gathered and from that, algorithms have been made.  


How will I know my results?


The information gained from the test will be given to you in a report. The information is presented in an easy to read way, with different points shown on a bar chart.  Results are measured from severe disturbances, to moderate and optimal.   We will go over the reading and explain the priorities based on the information found.  Please see sample thermometry reports below for a visual of how your results will appear.


Who is this test most beneficial for?


Regulation Thermometry is not just for women. It is the best test to look at autonomic nervous system throughout body on any individual. It essentially is a whole body thermometry test, measuring the functionality of each organ system.  This test is fabulous for getting a good idea as to what is happening with the overall immune system and lymphatic system.  It is also very informative in regards to mouth health.  Each tooth represents a particular tissue.  Levels of toxicity, the presence of gingivitis or gum disease, and links to other areas of distress in the body are highlighted. Regulation thermometry cannot diagnose a specific disease, but we get a much greater understanding of which areas of the body are contributing to a potential disease.  This is a first step to understanding our bodies and through any problems that may be found, we then know where to further test.  As well as further testing, we know which areas of the body need to be strengthened to protect from disease in the future.  

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